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Sleeping Disorders List

Inside a Sleeping Disorders List

There are many sleeping disorders that people experience. Insomnia is a popular sleeping disability but there are actually more in a sleeping disorders list. There are both mild and severe sleeping disorders and they are identified by a medical expert. Here are the sleeping disorders usually diagnosed.

Sleeping Disorders List – Sleep Apnea and Insomnia

sleeping  disorders listSleep apnea is when a person stops breathing as he sleeps. This stops him from taking in air thus he wakes up just to breathe. Insomnia on the other hand is failure to sleep.

Sleeping Disorders List – Narcolepsy and Restless Leg Syndrome

When a person fails to control his sleep even during the day, he is suffering from narcolepsy. This disorder also includes those who cannot control being awake. A person who suddenly experiences cramps, pulling or tingling in the legs as he sleeps, this is called restless leg syndrome. This disorder awakens them thus they have to move their legs to stop such pain and irritation.

Sleeping Disorders List – Hypersomnia and Rapid Eye Movement Behavior Disorder

When a person becomes too drowsy in the day even if he has had enough sleep, this is called hypersomnia. A person who performs his nightmares as he sleeps is suffering from Rapid Eye Movement Disorder.

sleeping disorders list - sleepwalkingSleeping Disorders List – Nocturia, Sleepwalking, Hypopnea and Bruxism

When a person frequently urinates at night, this condition is called nocturia. When he acts out something he does in his sleep, he is suffering from sleepwalking. When he does not breathe deeply during his sleep, he is suffering from hypopnea. If he grinds his teeth or clenches his jaw, he is experiencing bruxism.

There are other sleeping disorders that people experience. These include sleep paralysis where he cannot move as he sleeps, snoring, cataplexy, parasomnia, nightmares, and jet lag especially if he has travelled on a plane, and delayed sleep phase syndrome.

If you suffer from any of these conditions in this sleeping disorder list, visit your doctor and get treatment.

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