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Sleep Paralysis Causes

Understanding Various Sleep Paralysis Causes

Sleep Paralysis CausesSleep paralysis causes may stem from different things. By definition, sleep paralysis is a condition in which the muscles are unable to function when commanded while at the state of starting to fall asleep or upon awakening. It can be associated with either REM atonia or narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder that makes the person sleepy at inappropriate hours.

Sleep paralysis causes the person to experience vivid nightmares that may feel very dangerous, explaining the urge to move while in the state of half-awake and half–sleep. Some of the known factors that increase sleep paralysis are stress, excessive alcohol intake, sudden changes in the environment, and certain sleeping positions. Sleeping position is the most typical of sleep paralysis causes, especially when accompanied by physical tiredness.

There are interesting folklores regularly attached to sleep paralysis causes.

In Asia, sleep paralysis is said to occur due to ghosts pressing down on bodies of sleeping people. Some who experienced this phenomenon usually refer to being held down while sleeping. In some cases, where the person’s vision is vividly active, there are narratives of seeing shadows nearby which adds to the beliefs in supernatural involvement. In some parts of SoSleep Paralysis Causes styleuthern United States, the ghost is referred to as a ‘hag’, and is told to signify an approaching accident or danger.

With the known sleep paralysis causes, treatments or medications are rarely given unless the symptoms are reoccurring and pointing into possible disorders, like narcolepsy. To avoid the person from being alarmed or from panicking, the next time they experience sleep paralysis, it’s advisable to get information about the different stages of sleep. Understanding the process of sleep will enable the person to analyze the probable cause of the incident and may be able to take note of it before stating a possible alien abduction.

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