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Definition Of Insomnia

The Various Definition of Insomnia

Most people know only one definition of insomnia. It is basically the inability or failure to sleep. There are actually four meanings of insomnia when one researches even further. In this article are the said definitions.

best Definition Of InsomniaDefinition of Insomnia – Based on Criteria

The first definition is based on criteria. This criteria includes the failure to maintain sleep, the inability to sleep, waking up early in the morning no matter how late you sleep and non-restorative sleep where you cannot go back to slumber once awake in the middle of the night or early morning. You will be declared an insomniac if you experience any of these mentioned in the criteria.

Definition of Insomnia – You will suffer from insomnia if you endure the consequences of the criteria mentioned above during daytime. There are 9 to 15% of people who suffer daytime consequences due to failure of sleep, the inability to sleep or the incapability to go back to sleep.

Definition of Insomnia – Based on the Global Sleep Dissatisfaction

According to the Global Sleep Dissatisfaction formulated in 1993, insomnia is when a sufferer continuously complains for at least half a year about the kind of sleep he experiences. There are around 8 to 18% of people who has such a complaint.

Definition Of InsomniaDefinition on Insomnia – A Disease

Insomnia is considered a disease and has varying conditions. If you suffer from this, you need to have a proper diagnosis from a medical expert such as a psychiatrist. You have to undergo a Differential Diagnostic Procedure so as to confirm your condition of insomnia that involves an elimination process. People who suffer from this kind of insomnia have numbered to 6% of the population.

These are the different meanings of insomnia. If you want to know if you are indeed an insomniac, go to your doctor and be diagnosed properly. Your doctor will also be able to give you proper medication for this. Whatever the definition of insomnia, you need to treat it because a good sleep is needed to be healthy.

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