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Define Insomnia

5 Ways to Define Insomnia

define insomniaMany individuals around the world are suffering from insomnia. Some know that they have insomnia, but some maybe not. However, do people really know what insomnia is? Many people define insomnia merely as a condition of difficulty to sleep. Yet, little did they know that insomnia is not all about the difficulty to sleep.

The term insomnia was derived from the Latin words “in”, which means “not” and “somnus”, which means “sleep”. Generally, insomnia is a condition of sleeping difficulties. In sleep literature, insomnia is defined as a sleep disorder manifested through disturbed sleep patterns. Actually, there are many ways to define insomnia and below are the five ways.

The first means to define insomnia is—a common sleeping disorder. Most people define insomnia this way. In fact, almost everyone had experienced trouble falling asleep even for once. Approximately one-third of the world’s population experiences insomnia. Moreover, around 70 million people in United States alone have this condition.

define insomnia chronicThe second way to define insomnia is—long-term inability to fall or stay asleep. This type of insomnia is called chronic insomnia. Almost half of the people with insomnia suffer from this type. People with this condition cannot fall asleep usually at night even though they are lying in the bed for several hours already. Also, if they were able to sleep then, they cannot sustain their sleep and suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night making them unable to sleep back again. Some people may experience this for months interrupting their quality of life.

The third way to define insomnia is—inability falling asleep at conventional times. This case is for those night people who are also referred to as owls. These people are more comfortable in staying up late at night. Generally, people wake up in the morning to go to school or to work. Because of this, night people are somehow forced to wake up earlier than they can. This is also a problem faced by several shiftworkers especially when they adjust to different work schedules. Their body needs to readjust to the sleep and wake up time schedule.

The fourth way to define insomnia is—poor quality or lack of sleep. Most people who lack sleep or have poor quality of sleep experiences headache, fatigue, poor concentration, and sleepiness. Despite this, several people nowadays just ignore or neglect their insomnia. They just treat it like stress, which is normally a part of everyday life. As long as they can properly function and do their activities during the day, they feel that they are fine and still in good condition.

define insomnia causeThe fifth and last way to define insomnia is—a possible symptom of an underlying condition. Most of the time, insomnia is not just a medical condition in itself, it is a symptom. Sleeping difficulties can be due to several physical and psychological problems. These can be heart diseases, lung problems, and brain conditions. It can also be anxiety, depression, and stress.

The abovementioned are the five specific ways to define insomnia. Through this, people will now be able to recognize insomnia. Furthermore, it can somehow assist them in treating the said condition because they already know what really insomnia is.


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